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How it all began

Hello EVERYONE and welcome to my little space of traveltales and impressions on the internet!
I’m Laura from Germany, a simple girl who grew up in a really small town. Where I come from, almost everyone goes the typical path of school, college, job, family and house and not a lot of people dare to break the routine and do something differently.
Well, I was bored of the small town life and of people having expectations for MY LIFE before I even got to college.
So I escaped from it all and lived in the United States of America for two years, working as an Au Pair, where I had to face a whole bunch of challenges and conflicts before I had that incredible experience of becoming a member of the family.
Along the way I visited 20 states and dipped into 3 other countries nearby. And that is when it happened:
I got bitten by, what they call the TRAVEL BUG – It’s the constant strong desire to travel and the curiosity that itches all the time.
I couldn’t get rid of it since and I hope I never will!

So follow me around the world and let me inspire you to do the same.

A few impressions of my past travels:

2016 Travel Throwback