Alaska: A Trip Of A Lifetime

Ohh…Alaska, what can I say about Alaska. It was love on the first sight. This state is so different from any other in the USA and I completely fell in love with it on day #1!

The glaciers, the animals, the landscapes, the people and simply everything is magical. But let’s start from the beginning:

My friend and I flew into Seattle and took the bus up to Bellingham, a small town 2 hours north of Seattle. This is where our Alaskan adventure really began. We hoped on the Alaska Marine Highway Ship which brought us to Juneau, the lovely capital of Alaska, in a four days/three nights journey.


And though this took a lion’s share of our time in demanding, I wouldn’t want to have missed it for anything! Four days on a boat with no internet, no cell phone service, no stress..just you, your thoughts and oh yea breathtaking landscapes passing by : )
The only entertainment was an old classic movie they showed every night in their charming little ‘movie theater’. I loved it!


We had one single three hour stop in a neat town called Ketchikan. The short time was just enough to eat a delicious breakfast at New York Café and walk the Creek street which is a historic boardwalk with lots of individual souvenir shops along the stream.


As we arrived in Juneau the sun was shining and we had pleasant 70°F which, as everyone told us, just happens one day a year in Alaska. Well, we must have been especially lucky because the great weather sticked with us for the next few days : )

IMG_5470 We couchsurfed on this house boat and were hosted by a really kind Alaskan guy who not only showed us around the coolest glaciers and prettiest hikes but also lent us his kayaks, taught us how to fish, cooked us crabs AND took us out on his boat which I got to navigate – Ahoy matey!

I mean, seriously, doesn’t it already sound like the greatest nature trip ever?!

Not convinced yet?


How about now? Everything in Alaska looks like that, it’s pure nature! P.S.: On this kayak ride I got a it too close to a grizzly bear but didn’t get a picture because I was too scared to move..

It was the most incredible and adventurous trip in my life…until then. And I would definitely go back to see more of Alaska if I get a chance!!

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