Ya man and welcome to Jamaica ✌️
One week on this island and I answered every question with ‘Ya man’. It’s a Jamaican phrase they use to say something is ok or fine but they really just say it ALL the time in EVERY situation. No wonder you find yourself adapting to that pretty quickly haha

Ok, my week started in Kingston. Honestly there isn’t much to the capital of Jamaica besides one of the three international airports (the other two are in Ocho Rios and Montego Bay) which makes this a great start/stop point of your journey!

Two cool things I did though:


We went on a pick up truck tour to a coffee farm in the Blue Mountains which was neat. But holly molly that coffee was strong – I had to sweeten mine A LOT!
If you want to do such a tour just ask locals in Kingston, they will point you towards someone with a truck who will take you up there for little money if you are a good negotiater ; )

The other thing, and I believe this was my personal highlight, was the meet the people program that allowed us to peek into a Jamaican pre school for one morning.


I’m always a big fan of meeting locals and get to know their culture at first hand so this was really memorable for me. And I loved to play with those kids, they were so kind : )

Something you can skip in Kingston, in my opinion, is the Bob Marley museum which wasn’t only a bit boring but also quite overprized with 20$ entrance fee!

Summed up I think two and a half days were enough time in Kingston and we were ready for some water action 😉

Keep reading about my adventures in Ocho Rios, Negril and Montego Bay.

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