Ocho Rios

By the way: Getting around in Jamaica is very easy. There are cheap mini vans running all over the island, that is if you don’t suffer from claustrophobia^^ For everyone that wants a bit more space and the luxury of an Air con I recommend the Knutsford Express. We tried to travel low budget so we took a mini van to Ocho Rios.IMG_3275

Ocho Rios is definitely the hotspot for every water and action junkie! We visited the Dolphin Cove where we swam with dolphins ❤️, kayaked, held some birds, iguanas and a stingray. I also got a chance to steer a motor boat but swimming with the dolpins was definitely the coolest part of the park – these animals are so soft!


Afterwards we climbed the famous Dunn’s River Falls (located just a short 10 minute walk up the hill from Dolphin cove) which was quite the leg work out and a lot of fun.

Another thing to do in Ocho Rios is the Blue Hole, aka the Secret Falls, which is kind of like the non touristy upside down version of Dunn’s River Falls. Here you jump off the waterfalls instead of climbing up. Back in 2014 it was still a not licensed tourist attraction, meaning there weren’t a lot of people and it was really cheap. I think we paid 8$ for entrance, tour guides and loan for water shoes. Now, in 2016, they’re trying to get a license so prices and crowds of people will go up soon, I guess : /
And yea..I don’t have any pictures of this place because I was busy having fun and didn’t have a GoPro yet..actually I still don’t have one – need to put that on my christmas list : D

Besides a ton of mosquito bites I think that was it for Ocho Rios. And it goes on to Negril and Montego Bay. Or click here if you missed my post on Kingston : )


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