Bangkok and 10 MUST-DO’s

Bangkok and me are living in a love-hate relationship! I hated the crowds, the dirt, the traffic jams, the tuk tuk drivers and loved the street food, the rooftops, the markets and a whole lot of other things..

  • IMG_9036Climb the Golden Mount at sunset

Enjoy a nice view over the streets of Old Town Bangkok. It is a temple located on a hill near Kao San Road and only costs a 20Baht (0,50$) to enter this beauty.

  • Ride a TUK TUKIMG_1200

I know I said I hated Tuk Tuk drivers and I do! They completely want to rip you off and charge you a fortune so always bargain. This was my first and only Tuk Tuk ride because I just wanted to do least once.

  • Buy souvenirs at Jatujak Market12814676_1733378010227971_8386734501885111670_n










It is the largest market in Thailand and it’s only open on saturdays and sundays. I got lost here for hours straying through the narrow streets while looking for the nicest souvernirs. You can find everything from beautiful cashmere scarfs to real Thai spices.

  • Sneak into a Hotel for some Pooltime ; )IMG_8225

If you’ve been in Bangkok a couple times and you have seen all the sights or you simple can’t deal with the humidity any longer, cool off at a fancy pool.

  • Watch the locals go crazy at a Muay Thai FightIMG_7862

I’m not the biggest fan of fights but the atmosphere there was pretty cool. Loads of locals yelling, cheering and clapping with every punch. TIP: If you don’t want to pay for a fight check out the event schedule for FREE FIGHTS AT MBK.

  • Take the water taxi for a transport with NO TRAFFICIMG_8346

Living in Bangkok for two months I was stuck in traffic a lot and hated it. There’s allways traffic jams and you’re always late no matter what time you leave your house. Change it up and take the water taxi to avoid the hassle of being stuck and get a nice breeze at the same time.

  • Go to Kao San Road for people watching and partyingIMG_7423

This is THE tourist attraction in Bangkok and people love it. You can buy souvenirs, eat insects, drink beer, buy more things and drink more beer. I personally prefer more local places over tourist crowds but of course you should walk through it and decide yourself.

  • Eat street foodIMG_8011

No need to go to restaurants in Thailand. Save money and eat what locals eat – street food. But be careful with the spices if you’re sensitive!

  • Explore the roots of Hangover 2 at the Sky Bar12592761_10153921265104704_8142141004562541752_n

The helicopter scene with stunning view was shot at the Rooftop bar at Lebua Hotel. It’s the highest buidling in Bangkok so you can see it all from up there. However there is a strict dress code and drinks are pricy. But admission is free so if you try to save money, go up there, take in the view and drink your beer afterwards on the street.

  • Enjoy a coffee by the river at Tha MaharajIMG_7978

Whenever I got tired of being a tourist I came here to drink my Starbucks coffee right by the river. It’s a really neat place to hang out and pretty westernized and clean too!

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