The seven mile beach in Negril..A dream beach –
but only in the low season (mid-April to mid-December) when there are almost no people! No one laying next to you in the soft sand and peaceful silence in the blue ocean. The only people that walk by every once in a while are some Jamaicans that sell yummy food and fresh fruit juice. Oh and that one time a guy playing his guitar – it was fabulous.


The afternoons we spent at this neat beach bar drinking Red Stripe (local Jamaican beer). Trying the local drinks and dishes is important : D
Talking about dishes: Try out Ackee and Saltfish, it’s a very delicious breakfast dish.

IMG_3329We’ve also done the touristy sunset at Rick’s Cafe which wasn’t really for me as I don’t like these massive tourist attractions a whole lot..

After two days of relaxing at the beach we were off to our last stop: Montego Bay.
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