How to get through a long-distance flight


The journey is the reward.

This is the translation of the German quote “Der Weg ist das Ziel” by the Chinese philosopher Konfuzius and describes the following post best. Being on an airplane is a huge part of traveling and sometimes it’s hard to stick out time while transfering to your next adventure. Here are my tips and tricks for long-distance flights so hopefully this will help you on further travels.

  1. Be on time

    Don’t start your journey by rushing to the airport. Get there on time so you are not completely stressed out when you board your plane.

  2. Take a good rest in advance

    If you are the kind of person who can crash on a long flight, congrats! I always have a hard time falling asleep in the air so I’m better off when I take a good rest before boarding a flight.

  3. Ask for your preferred seat

    Either at the online Check-in or at the counter. Get an aisle seat if you can’t sit still. I typically don’t get up a lot and I loooove to observe what’s going on outside so I always try to get a window seat.

  4. Bring your own snacks

    Espacially on charter flights the food options can disappoint so play it safe by bringing a sandwich. trial mix or similar.

  5. Have an empty water bottle handy

    I always bring my own water bottle because I tend to be thursty before they start serving berverages. And when I say I bring my own water bottle I mean it. Prices at the airport are always higher. As long as your bottle is empty, it goes through security without any issues. You can fill it up on your way to the gate.

  6. Wear comfy clothes

    No need to dress up in the air. Also, wear layers in case you get too cold/hot during the flight.

  7. Freshen up after landing

    My tooth brush and an extra set of clothes always travels in my hand luggage. This helps to feel a bit fresher when I get off the plane plus in case your checked luggage gets lost, it can be a life saver!

  8. Keep yourself busy

    A long-distance flight is like a mission to kill time. Read a book, do a sudoku, work or watch movies to pass the time.

  9. Grab some good headphones

    For watching movies I bring my Beats by Dr.Dre headphones for a better quality and more comfort.

  10. Give yourself some peace and silence

    When I don’t watch movies I’m usually wearing my ear plugs which I bring EVERYWHERE. They insulate some of the loud engine noise and provide a bit more peace and silence to sleep and think.

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