How to visit Koh Nang Yuan

Said to be one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Located just a stone’s throw from Koh Tao. Shown on heaps of postcards you’ll find all over Thailand. You just have to go see for yourself!
To take full advantage when checking out these tips first:

  1. Avoid the crowds and kayak
    IMG_8756Boats will go hourly from Koh Tao (round trip 10US$) and one might say why would I invest more effort and kayak there when I can get a ride on a boat for the same price?!
    The answer is simple: Boats start running around 9 AM and the last boat leaves the island at 5PM. So during that period of time it is packed! Beat the crowd by either taking the first boat and leave again before noon or simply do your own trip and kayak in the early morning or late afternoon.

  2. Bring snacks
    I literally bring snacks everywhere because it saves money. There is one beach bar/restaurant on the island and prices are insane. Buy something to go beforehand and hide it in your backpack, try to hide a water bottle as well. Worst scenario they take it away at the entrance but they usually don’t check the inside of your bag. Play it safe and hide it underneath your towel etc.

  3. Take account of the entrance fee
    IMG_8880Once arrived at the docking station you’ll be asked to pay 3US$ entrance fee. I’m not 100% sure whether you have to pay it when arriving in a kayak or not – try it out and let me know!

  4. DON’T argue about that price
    IMG_8801I tried because when I visited the view point was closed, which is why everyone goes to Nang Yuan in the first place. They told me to either pay or leave.

  5. DO go to the view point anyways
    This sounds like I’m breaking rules all the time but Thai people will not really hold you back PLUS a large group of people went up there as well anyways, so I figured I can do that too!
    And when you’re up there, sit there for a while and just enjoy because it is as magical as on the postcards..

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