Why you MUST visit Belgium while studying

Beliuim is definitely worth a trip while your young, broke and thirsty. I found it the ideal destination for students.


The country is small what makes seeing a lot of it in a small period of time possible and with the transportation options it’s easy and affordable, too. People under 26 are getting a huge discount on train tickets with the GO PASS. If you travel from Aachen, Germany, you pay as little as 7,90ā‚¬ to any destination in Belgium.



The Belgian specialties being chocolates, fries and waffles won’t make it easy to remain a diet but your stomach sure will be delighted to taste those delicious sweets.
As I got told waffle toppings are for tourists, I always had mine plain and pretending to be a local šŸ˜€
And yes, I can definitely understand why people from Belgium would eat them just like that – they are a culinary delight!


What do students love more than cheap stuff? Right! Free stuff.
When you find yourself in Brussels, take advantage of a FREE walking tour by Viva tours.

Belgian cherry beer and yummy Belgian fries

And last but definitely not least, especially for students!!!!, the wonderful variety of beer. Belgium has approximately 180 breweries and over 3000 different beers in the country. So what’s left to say other than drink up students!


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