5 Things To Know Before Traveling To Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon is a fascinating wonder of nature and I loved being able to see it. And that is why I feel like this national park should be on everyone’s bucket list. But there are a few things you should know before you hit the road.

  1. Your ticket is valid for 7 full days
    When you drive through the gates of the national park you will buy an entrance ticket which is good for a whole week plus you only pay per car and not per person. This applies to most national parks in the US. So be sure to make the most out of your trip and stay more than only one day!
  2. It is freaking hot out there
    Even if it doesn’t seem like it from the viewpoints, it will get super hot when you take a hike down to the bottom so you will need to drink A LOT of water in order to stay hydrated.
  3. Some people get lost
    The hiking tracks are all marked perfectly and you should not try to find new ways to get where you want to go because if you should get lost, chances are that you won’t be found again. You might really want to follow the marked tracks.
  4. There are not a lot of gas stations in the park
    When I visited the Grand Canyon we almost ran out of gas and I was already picturing us on our feet in search for the next gas station haha Luckily we made it to one of the few stations in time but it is better to get a full tank before entering the national park (gas is also more expensive there).
  5. FREE bus transport within the national park
    Once you parked your car you can take the free shuttle buses that run between the major viewpoints.

    gc Now go ahead and tick that breathtaking park off your bucket list!!

2 thoughts on “5 Things To Know Before Traveling To Grand Canyon”

  1. It’s interesting to read about some of the problems that people encounter when visiting the Grand Canyon. It makes sense that fuel for a vehicle and getting lost is something that’s common with how big it is. It’s something to remember because I’m wanting to do a rafting trip and I think that staying safe outside the water could be helpful too.

    1. That sounds really exciting Tyler. I wanted to go refting, too but we didn’t have enough time. Have so much fun!
      Safe travels 🙂

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