A Day In Sausalito, California

The cute little town Sausalito is located just across the Golden Gate Bridge and totally worth a visit while you are in San Francisco.

How to get there:

The Ferry Building

In order to get to Sausalito you can choose from two options. Either take a ferry from the The Ferry Building which run every few hours and will leave you at a cost of 11.75$ or a discounted rate of 6.25$ (in case you decide to buy a Clipper Card for San Francisco Bay Area transit) one way.

OR cross the Golden Gate Bridge. I would recommend to do both.
Take the ferry to get to Sausalito and return to the city in style crossing the Bridge. Buses run back to SF every hour and don’t cost too much.
In case you decide to bring a bike on the ferry and ride it back over the Bridge, be aware that they only let a certain amount of bikes on the feryy so you want to arrive at The Ferry Building early and wait in line.

What to do:

The little town is really great for exploring away from the buzz in the city center of San Francisco. Loads of neat boutiques and nice restaurants and coffee shops. Not to forget the amazing places to view the Golden Gate Bridge from in all its beauty. Head to the near by Vista Point or if you have a bit more time you should check out Battery Spencer.

Vista Point
Vista Point
Battery Spencer
Battery Spencer

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