Eat Your Way Through Indonesia

While traveling in Indonesia for the past month I was able to try a lot of local dishes which in my opinion is a great way to experience a country – food!

The Indonesian cuisine is not only Nasi Goreng (fried rice) which I honestly couldn’t get enough of. But there are many more dishes to explore, mostly consitent of either rice or noodles. Don’t worry, you still get a big variety of different tastes.

Here are some of the more common dishes you MUST try during your trip:

17161111_1901325213433249_1360438678_nIt’s a toasted sandwich with mashed up bananas or other fruits inside and a delicious breaktfast dish

RAMBUTANG and all the other fruits
Indonesia equals fruit heaven! Walk up to a local market and get your fruit dose for the day: Bananas, Dragon fruit, Mangos, pine apples and many more. This one on the pictures is called Rambutang and they also make a spicy salad with it consisting only of the fruit itself, limes and chilly (see below).

BUBUR RAYAM (balinese rice)
Balinese rice in soup topped with chicken and peanuts, very yummy. I only found this dish one time in a really small stand in northern Ubud. Actually it was a kiosk and we asked if they cook there, too. Not even sure if it was a Warung (Indonesian word for restaurant) or if they just cooked for us haha

Pancakes made out of palm leaves, yea you heard right. The green little things are the pancakes with palm sugar and grated coconut on top. Served with fried banana. We had that on the way to Sekumpul waterfalls, near Lovina in northern Bali.

Mixed veggies with spicy peanut sauce, rice and tempeh. The last is a traditional soy product, basically a cake made out of soybeans, super healthy and extremely tasty.

Served in various combinations it is a mixed plate with all sorts of yummy things on it. Mostly rice, different choices of meat, veggies and tempeh.

YES, this is the ‘cat-poop-coffee’ but seriously you NEED to try it before you judge. After all it’s the most expensive coffee in the world! Read about my experience here.

This soup is one of my faves. Noodle soup with meatballs and green veggies. Nice change from all the rice!

BABI GULING (Suckling Pig)
This dish on the other hand wasn’t for me at all. I still tasted the suckling pig since it is very traditional and if you have a strong stomach I recommend to try it as well and share your experience because tastes are very different!

A Indonesian dessert which, if made properly, is very very tasteful. I had one bad one first and thought I just don’t like it. My friend told me to give it another try. So I did, and the second one was so different!
It is a COLD (first one I had was warm..) dessert: Black rice in coconut milk, sometimes topped with ice cream.

PIA (Black Bean Cake)
17101849_1901325260099911_800186618_nYou’ll need to keep your eyes open wide if you want to find this little treat. It is a a cake with a black bean paste inside and kind of sweet tasting and super filling, ideal for long travel days. Look out for boxes in local kiosk stalls that resell the chips and soft drinks which they bought at the grocery store.

Best on a hot beach day!!! No more words needed, I think.

I feel like I overloaded this post already, so I’m going to stop myself here and now! Eat and explore as many dishes as possible because Indonesia truely is a food heaven on earth.

Okay one last thing, actually two šŸ˜€


both ice cream… well as cold coconuts

Now I have nothing more to add other than: ENJOY YOUR MEAL :*

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