Tasting The Most Expensive Coffee In The World

The Kopi Luwak Coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world but I believe it’s even more famous for its’ manufacturing. We’re talking about the ‘cat-poop-coffee’. Now this probably sounds off-putting for most people but the coffee is worth trying before you judge and I assure you it tastes pretty normal.

How is the coffee made?
The civet cat eats the coffee bean which is the pit of some cherry fruit. They just digest the flesh of the cherry and poop out the coffee bean which then is being washed several time.

The precious beans are being sun dried and hand sorted before they are roasted.

In most party of the world you would pay a small fortune for a cup, I sampled it for 50k Rupiah (3,50€). My friend bought an 80g pack of the beans for 100k Rupiah.

She poured in the water super carefully – it took quite a while to get my sample

I know it sounds disgusting but you should try it when you get the chance because after all it is the most expensive coffee and there are probably many people that would love to taste it.

In my opinion it tastes pretty normal and I couldn’t make out a big difference from regular coffee exept for it being really mild maybe.

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