2016 Travel Throwback

Ever since I lived in the USA for two years, I caught the travel bug and completely got addicted to that entire lifestyle. 2016 was incredible and I was lucky enough to have had some terrific adventures which I want to share with all of you!

January – March: Thailand

The year started off with a teaching gig in amazing Thailand (read more about this awesome job!). I got to spend a good amount of sunny days in all party of Thailand while it was winter in Germany. The best thing was that I got paid to travel to non touristy cities and areas of the country through my job.

Khao Yai
With some students in Pechaboon

Even better were the amazing people I met, both work colleagues and students. It was so insiring to meet all these kind and cheerful kids that treated you like a rockstar πŸ™‚

my crazy and lovely work colleagues at AYC English Camp
Locals we met on a field trip, totally fell in love with that little girl!

April: Chicago

Honeycomb at Lincoln Park

After a great adventurous time in Thailand I found somewhat cheap flights to Chicago and just HAD to go see my friends and host family for a few weeks. I had a blast! I consider this my second home, first being the world itself hehe

June: The Netherlands

My friend Christina and I explored beautiful Holland for one week and visited Amsterdam, Zandvoort, The Hague and Rotterdam where met great people and enjoyed a good time in every place.

Christina and me enjoying th sunset from our hosts’ rooftop in The Hague

& Tarquinia, Italy

Another place, another job. The summer of 2016 I spent working as a kids tour guide in Italy and Spain.

July: Spain

Tough beach life!

5 awesome weeks that summer just playing games by the beach and dancing in the clubs – all paid for!
Read about my summer job as a party guide here πŸ™‚

September: Belgium

Beautiful Brussels

After settling in at college I took a long weekend trip to Belgium and explored the beauty of Brussels, strolled through Ghent and met up with a friend in Bruges. The small size of the country and good train connection makes it so easy to hop from city to city in no time!

Most captured place in Bruges

After that trip I concentrated on a new chapter of my life, college. For the next four months I was having a routine with going to work and studying but of course this didn’t last long and I started on a new adventure through Asia in the beginning of 2017 πŸ™‚

I’ve got a feeling that this year will be even crazier with many fabulous trips and both new as well as familiar places – soooooo excited!

Hope you all follow along the journey and maybe I can inspire some to visit new destinations as well :*

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