Shop Till You Drop In Bali

I’m usually all about saving money but while in Bali I coulnd’t help but shop some items. Good materials and jewelry are pretty cheap there so I simply had no choice ha! You can get a nice dress of Rayon for the same price as an average H&M dress of viscose.

Here and now I want to share my best finds with you guys and tell you where to find the best deals.

In the caption of the single pictures I’ll write down the city where I bought it, name of the shop and price.

Canggu – Love anchor market – 250k IDR

I saw this dress and fell in love! Already got a similar one with zucchini on it so the lemon pattern convinced me on first sight haha

Ubud – Ubud market but really anywhere – 170k IDR

My fabulous dream catcher. It sure was a hassle carrying that big thing in my hand for the last one and a half weeks of the trip but oh my, SO WORTH IT! Every time I go to bed and look up, it brings me joy.

Seminyak – some street shop – 40k IDR

Just a pair of really cool touristy fake sunglasses by ‘Ray Bandito’ 😉 I have a tendency of losing sunglasses so it’s best when I buy them cheap!

Ubud – some boutique (forgot the name) – 300k IDR

A nice little dress of rayon fabric in red and white pattern with ruffles on the bottom tuck. Unfortunately I cannot come up with the name of the boutique but there are so many in Ubud and Seminyak, it’s hard to keep track.

Ubud – YIN Jewelry for the soul – 150k IDR

This is, in my opinion, the best shop for jewelry. It’s a chain and they have three stores in Ubud. My ring was only 10€ and is 925 silver.

Ubud – Ubud market – both for 60k IDR

I was never much of a ring person but kinda got addicted in Bali. These however aren’t of silver.
Simple trick to make them last longer: Reply a layer of your top coat on the inside of the rings!

Seminyak – The Shang – 240k IDR

Felt like I wouldn’t find something like that back home in Germany for the same price so I bought it.

Seminyak – The Shang – 100k IDR

The bracelett is from the same store and matched really well with the shirt I bought plus it’s made of brass, so I’m hoping it will last long.

Canggu – Love anchor market from Natha Design Jewelry & Accessories – 230k IDR

One of my absolute faves is this necklace with a purplish fluoride stone!

Other boutiques chains I liked were ‘Piña Colada’, ‘Lost in Paradise’ and ‘Blink’ for jewelry.

You can find anything from sarongs to decoration for your home in Bali. I really liked Ubud for shopping. You have a large variety of souvenirs at Ubud market and many many boutiques with jewelry and nicer clothes and decorative items.

Happy shopping everyone!

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  1. Amazing and insightful post about Bali. The information and tips given has really helped me in planing for my trip. Thank you x

    1. Hi Stephy,
      I’m glad I could help you plan your trip 🙂 I loooove Bali, you will have a blast!

      PS: You are now participating in the giveaway raffle 🙂 The winner will be announced on Tuesday 04/18/2017 – GOOD LUCK!

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