How I missed my flight in Bali

You know you’re screwed when you find yourself sitting at the aiport floor surrounded by all your belongings, departure is only one hour away and you realize that your passport is the only thing that is NOT with you! The next four hours were the most stressful ones in a really long time..

Good thing I knew exactly where my passport must have been when I was at Denpasar airport in Bali. The problem was it would take more than an hour to go get it and go back to the airport in time. The optimistic in me tried anyways!

Leaving the airport building, I wanted to get a reasonable price for the cab ride but of course the cab driver wanted to rip me off. An Australian looking guy overheared me explaining my situation in a panicing voice, so he stepped up and handed me 200k Indonesian Rupiahs. I started to cry because I was so touched by that reaction, thanks again to the nice stranger saving my ass!

I got in the cab, still crying, but soon realiyed this wasn’t going fast enough with the trafic jam. The driver recommended a scooter taxi. I think at this point he felt sorry for me since I was still crying, just couldn’t stop. I got on the back of the scooter and we drove off en route to the hostel we stayed a week ago where I had to leave my passport at the reception. We must have fogotten to pick it up at check out and they didn’t mention it!

My driver was, much to my dislike very laid-back and not in a rush at all. Instead he thought it would be nice to tell me something about the sights while passing by. At that point I didn’t know wheter to laugh or cry, needless to explain that I was pretty desperate and overwhelmed.

As we got to the hostel, I ran in and the guy took his sweet time looking through the passports to find mine. I was literally jumping up and down at his desk trying to hurry up the process. When he finally handed over the right one, I ran off and tried to explain the scooter driver that we only have 20 minutes left until departure. He started a discussion about his knowlegde of the city and that he didn’t need the maps this time. “Fine. Just hurry up, please!!!”, I thought.

Traffic was horrible. I watched the minutes running down on my cell and at 6:05 PM, departure for my flight, I knew that my intention to make this flight had been ridiculous all along. I looked up at the sky and tried to relax because it was too late now anyways. A few minutes later I saw my plane in the air, leaving without me.

After arriving at the airport, I had a new mission: I needed to get another ticket, cheap and fast. If I would have known what a hassle this was going to be, I probably would have had a shot of vodka first!

The woman at the information desk sent me through the entire airport to buy a new ticket at the counter where I could purchase a ticket to Shanghai for 300โ‚ฌ. I had a connecting flight sitting there plus my friend that already had taken our original flight awaiting me in China. This was still much cheaper thanย the route to Germany so obviously I wanted to get it right away. The only thing I still needed to do was transfering the money from my bank account to my pre-paid credit card that I use for traveling.

Now of all days, the next thing had to happen on THAT day! The website of my bank had broken down and the online banking wasn’t working for that matter. I couldn’t even reach their 24/7 hotline. I mean, for real?!

I didn’t know any other way but call my dad for help which I hated to do since I usually take care of everything in my life alone. But at that point I just was clueless of what to do next. He didn’t answer his phone – great.

With tears filling my eyes I called my big brother. He didn’t answer either. Instead he sent a text asking what was going on. I simply replied ‘I’m in trouble’. Enough to get him on the phone immediately. He did everything to calm me down and gave me his best friends credit card info (my brother doesn’t own one) so I could pay that flight and getting out of my mysery.

The woman at the counter apologized but she could only do the booking with a credit card that I had on me, she needed to swipe it.
Of course every possibile thing had to go the wrong way..I mean have you every had one of those days where everything, really EVERYTHING goes wrong?

My brother, being my hero in that situation, calmed me down and tried to book the flight online. That didn’t work either because as it turns out, you can only book flights online when departure is more than 4 hours away.

The very last option was getting money on my credit card, no matter how but as fast as possible because I only had 10 minutes left to book my flight before the counter closed the tickets for that route. So my brother said he would transfer money through paypal and in the meantime I tried one last time to transfer it from my own account through online banking and thank god, the website of my bank worked and I was finally able to make the transaction and buy the ticket just in time to rush to my gate and board!

When I sat down in my seat, I was so relieved. All the stress from the past hours was blown away. Well..the free wine on board helped, too ๐Ÿ˜€

Touched down in Shanghai, my friend gave me a ‘welcome back’ hug and we enjoyed a freezingly cold but beautiful day in China before heading back to the airport to check in for the final flight from our 6 weeks of traveling when I had to face the next issue, but that is another story for another day..

What was your biggest travel disaster? Let me know in the comments below ๐Ÿ™‚

Shanghai’s skyline

8 thoughts on “How I missed my flight in Bali”

  1. Oh my God! I’m happy your story had a happy ending because wow, you really had the worst day ever. An absolute nightmare.

    1. Thanks Ursa,
      oh yes haha it was a very stressful end to a great relaxing trip but it makes a good story to laugh about in the future!

  2. Hahahahah what a bad luck Laura :’) fortunately you managed to get a flight anyway! And yeah, for sure is a good story to tell in the future :’) haha nos vemos pronto!

    1. Miguel,
      getting a flight was unfortunately just a matter of money.
      At least the story stays haha

  3. Hi, Laura.
    I was traveling around the world in 2015 by myself. I involved in lots of disaster like you. So I agreed with your story while reading your blog. I missed a flight once and had to buy the ticket again and slept in the airport and I saw the plane flying away from the window of the airplane I was supposed to take.
    But its not worst experience. The worst thing is what my bag was stolen in Spain. I lost all of my credit cards and mobile phone and so on…

    I had to survive for a month with little money until my credit card was sent to Spain again. Besides I had to ask many people to lend me money to leave. Some people’s attitude was bad…I know it’s not good to borrow money. But I had no choice at that time.

    Besides I had to ask my mom to send my new credit card to Spain. I didn’t want to do that as our relationship wasn’t good and I didn’t tell her that I’d go to the world travel as she is really narrow minded person.

    Our situation is a little similar. Apart from this, I had many experiences.
    So you’ll know about them in my blog. Maybe , some of them may be the similar to yours๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. Hey Fumiko,

      oh wow that sounds like it was a hassle. In that moment it all is so hard and stressful, but afterwards it’s a good story and you always learn a lesson, may it be to check if you have your passport, be more punctual the next time or take extra care of your bag – you can always learn from mistakes ๐Ÿ™‚

      PS: You are now participating in the giveaway raffle ๐Ÿ™‚ The winner will be announced on Tuesday 04/18/2017 โ€“ GOOD LUCK!

  4. Hey Laura,
    I had a similar kind of situation three years ago, when I took my first international flight from India to Germany via Ethiopia (sounds stupid I know but that was the only option available :P). I had to stay at airport almost for 12 hours and then in addis ababa for 4 days due to some problems with my visa. But It was really scary in the beginning but i got a chance to explore a new country (actually a new continent) for the first time in my life. Now When I think about it, I feel really good about staying in 3 different continents in a week. It is really wonderful to know that you had a happy ending ๐Ÿ™‚ I can imagine the amount of stress you had to go through but in the end, you managed to smile and fly again ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Oh wow Deepti,
      that’s quite the story haha Good for you, you got to explore Ethiopia, I once had Ethopian food in a local restaurant in Chicago, it was amazing. I would love to visit the country for more hehe
      I always try to look on the bright side no matter how hard the situation is – one of the best lessons I learned in life so far!

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