Stockholm Bucket List

Sweden’s capital encompasses 14 islands and couldn’t be more picturesque. There are so many possibilities to have a fabulous time in and around the city and walk away with great memories and a load of nice photos which I would like to share along a few recommendations now.

Rent a canoe and explore the lakes

The whole city is surrounded by water, so you need to get in it in order to get the most out of your stay. It’s super fun to go canoeing through streams and lakes.

Stroll through the little alleys in Gamla Stan

Stockholm’s old town is a dreamy wonderland for all architecture fanatics. Take an afternoon to walk through charming alleys along orange houses.

Enjoy a coffee at Stortorget

Don’t count calories that day! 🙂

Sit back and relax. Do something good for your sweet thooth.

Watch the brown bears play

At Skansen Zoo you can witness cute little brown bears, elks and many other animals. Located on the peninsula Djurgården where you can also find a theme park with cool roller coasters.

Catch the magic hour

All the historic old buildings are enlighted so nicley during the magic hour. Grad your camera and shoot it up.

Take a walk along the water or go on a boat tour


If canoeing isn’t for you that could be an option. You get incredible city views from on a whole new level and with such a large amount of water, I think you would miss a whole lot if you didn’t go in.

Cool off at the ICE BAR

One drink is already included in your entrance ticket

That’s something different. A bar where everything is made of ice – the walls, the tables, the bar and even the glass your drink is in! For the frosty minus degrees you get an extra thick cape before entering. Such an awesome experience and definitely one of my highlights during my stay in Stockholm.

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