WHO is that girl behind YELLOWTRAVELBIRD?

SIGNALMENTCountry of Origin: Germany

Languages: Deutsch als Muttersprache,
fluent in English,
un poco de español
et un petit peu du français

City: Chicago…so far at least

Food: Italian and westernized Thai food and Schnitzel AND almost everything else ha!

Movies: I don’t watch much TV anymore but a good comedy will always do

Books: Got the kick with Fifty Shades of Grey but I also read plenty of romantic tear jerker (so girly..I KNOW :D)

Colors: Bright colors..yellow for instance ; ) but in general the more colorful the better

Phrases: Don’t wish for it. Work for it.
Everything happens for a reason.

Amazing things I’ve done: Skydiving, Swimming with a Dolphin, biking down an inactive and seeing an active vulcano, riding a four wheeler in the desert of Egypt, playing with Elephants

Likes: traveling…duh! and inspire people to do the same : ) But also: Writing, reading, photography (but I’m far from being a professional!), outdoor activities, learn and try new things

Dislikes: Lies, disloyalty and buying Jeans (..when nothing seems to fit – Girls you know what I’m talking about^^)