A Packing Guide for the Perfect Paradise Vacation

Hello! I’m Nhi from LiveLove-Learn.com and I’m so excited to be working with Laura for this post. We have come up with our favorite must-have items and helpful tips that you’ll need on your next planned vacation, be it the Paris, New York or a remote beach in Fiji. You can also check out Laura’s post to read more about her favorite essentials for the perfect city getaway. From helpful apps to practical tips and items, she’s got the perfect list for you:

Packing list for your next city trip

Whenever I travel, whether it’s for 1 week or 1 month, I prefer traveling with only a carry-on and a backpack or purse. Many things dictate this: the risk of it getting lost/delayed, ridiculous baggage fees, damaged items. Though there are times when I have decided to check in my carry-on at the gate complimentary due to full flights. However, if I am traveling internationally, I usually prefer not to as my bag has gotten lost and delayed twice now. With that being said here are my top essentials for a week away for any summer trip or tropical paradise!

10 Things to pack in my carry-on:

  • 2-3 rompers and/or dresses (with 1 being able to be dressed up for a night out)
  • 3 tops/blouses
  • 2-3 bottoms: shorts or skirts (I prefer shorts as they can double for hiking purposes)
  • 1-2 bikinis/swimwear (depending on if it’s predominately a beach getaway or not)
  • 1 beach towel if you’ll be staying at a rental that does not provide one
  • 1 pair of flip flops (useful on many occasions)
  • 1 pair of nice flats or low-heeled sandals that can also double as comfortable walking shoes and going-out shoes
  • Nude and/or black undergarments since they tend to match everything
  • Basic toiletries (sunscreen is a must have here) & very little makeup that is sweatproof and/or waterproof
  • A waterproof bag to keep all my belongings safe with me when I’m in the water or if I choose to do any boat like excursions. (Phones, cameras, wallet, etc…)

Some may be thinking, that’s not nearly enough! Remember you have to mix-match your tops and bottoms to create multiple outfits and maximize its use. Neutral pieces work best, but 1 or 2 colorful pieces can also a nice touch when paired with a neutral piece. If all else fails, well, that’s when I utilize myself as another packing method. I simply wear things that are chunkier to pack or things I think I might need, such as a chambray button-down, a light cardigan, a jacket or jeans for unexpected chilly days/nights. I’ll layer my tops since I can always take it off if needed, but planes tend to always be on the chillier side for me.

Things I wear on myself through the airport:

  • 1 pair of long pants/jeans + a comfy tee + chambray shirt
  • A pair of walking shoes – If you don’t own a pair of Toms, I am in love with them for this purpose. Casual, cute and it goes well with just about anything! Plus they work well for easy to moderate hikes if needed.
  • 1 light jacket/cardigan
  • My favorite large brimmed hat (because they will be squished if packed!)
  • My favorite beach bag

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    Author: Nhi Tran 

United States of America, country of unlimited possibilities – Part 2: Expectation vs. Reality

Of almost everything you do you naturally have expectations beforehand. No matter if it’s a new restaurant you try, the result of your new hairstyle after your hairdresser’s appointment or a country you visit for the very first time. You have so many expectations and influences from your surroundings that it’s very easy to get disappointed when the reality looks completely different or on the other hand it can be a blessing if somethings is better than expected. Works both ways.

I teamed up with Lisa from Travellana to show some of our expectations of the USA that were different from the reality. On her blog we discussed all the expectations that actually came true when we visited the country.

by Travellana

I’m Lisa from Travellana and I have been fascinated by the United States of America since I can remember. In the summer of 2015, my biggest dream came true: I did an internship in sunny San Diego and fell in love with the Southern Californian lifestyle.

1. It won’t make much of a difference where you are within the USA

Although a lot of people think of the United States as a huge country with a homogenous culture and mentality, this is definitely not the case in real life. The USA are a country of huge dimensions and therefore, it’s obvious that there are cultural differences depending in where you are. Traveling through the United States, you will soon notice the differences between the coastal regions and some remote places in the Midwest. The southern states have an entirely different culture than the the Great Lakes States have. And the famous battle of East Coast and West Coast is not just a fantasy of hip hop music.

2. Entering the United States is super complicated and you hardly get a visa

Let me put it like this: For most nationalities obtaining a visa isn’t that difficult. When I applied for my visa, I had read dozens of horror stories about the application process and the final immigration after arriving at the airport. Of course, I was super nervous and thought that at any moment someone would just say ”No, we don’t want you.”. And guess what: Everyone – from the woman at the embassy to the man at the immigration in Chicago – was very friendly and helpful. It’s true that applying for a visa is complicated but you’ll get help if you ask for it.

3. The United States don’t have a culture

The sad truth is that a lot of people don’t acknowledge American culture as a real culture. Instead, they claim that Americans just stole bits from other cultures and that they have then mixed them in order to create ther own culture. In my opinion, this is definitely not true! Being a country of immigrants it’s inevitable that different cultures intermingle and that’s the point: The American ”melting pot” culture is just as much a culture as it’s components are. The melting pot has created a fusion culture that is ever changing.

Photo by Travellana

Check out more of Lisa’s content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or on her own Blog.

by Yellowtravelbird

I could name at least 20 things which were different in reality than what I expected them to be, but nailing it down to my top three in this post. What are expectations that haven’t come true in reality. Let us know in the comments below 🙂

1. Everyone is fat and only eats fast food

This is what most people think of the Americans but it’s so far away from the truth! I mean yes, they have a large variety of fast food chains and I cannot say that I didn’t gain some weight living there but I had to try everything so I guess that was that. Especially in the suburbs everyone is working out a lot and I saw a lot of women pushing strollers while jogging. Also in the city center the majority of people I saw was super skinny, so where are all those fat people?! I think that’s just a bad myth.

2. New York is the best city of the States

Often when you ask someone where they would wanna visit in the States they say ‘NEW YORK CITY’. I think the city is just very over promoted and this resolves in too high expectations for the city. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s an great place to visit but I don’t refer it to the best city of all of th US. It’s dirty and full of tourists. You hardly ever meet any people on the street that actually live there. I love NYC because it is extremly vibrant and esciting but there are other cities I like better, like Chicago, San Fransisco or anywhere in Alaska.

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Alaska: A Trip Of A Lifetime

3. Everything is better in the USA

It is known as the land of endless opportunities, apparently everything is possible and there is no better place. But take Japan for example, that country has probably the biggest technological progress. Germany has a way better health system than the US. The illusion that eveyerthign is simply better in America is wrong, it’s a country with advantages and disadvantages like every other country as well. There are many things that are great about the US and I love the country, but there are also many things that could be improved.

Bali Bucket List

In the heart of Indonesia there is an island that couldn’t be more vibrant and exciting. From waterfalls and hikes to shopping, massages and yoga – Bali has it all. I completely fell in love with that place and would like to share some of my highlights to do there.

Experience the surf vibe in Uluwatu

No matter if you are an experienced surfer or just enjoying to observe the others in high waves while sipping a cocktail – Uluwatu Blue Point is your spot!

At night you can party hard at Single Fish or for a more chilled evening, head to Angel Martz Sport Bar where you can buy your drinks at the store for cheap money and smoke a shisha.

If you’re not into surfing or in need for a break, stroll along gorgeous beaches.

Don’t forget to visit the Uluwatu Temple right by the water. It’s stunningly beautiful – PROMISE!

Visit the Gilis

Gili Air

Gili Trawangan also referred to as Gili T is the biggest of three island and more for the party crowd. Gili Air is perfect for relaxing, snorkeling and scuba diving. Gili Meno is the smallest and least touristy one. Mostly locals make vacation here.

Enjoy food and shopping in Ubud

In the middle of Bali, you’ll find food and shopping heaven. Perfect for good, cheap local food and you can get your souvenir shopping out of the way.

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Shop Till You Drop In Bali
Eat Your Way Through Indonesia

Sekumpul Waterfall

Also a visit to the monkey forest is a must when in Ubud – Watch yourself, they seem cute but they’re quite aggressive. Pay them respect and give them some space and you’ll be fine!

Chase waterfalls and hot springs in Lovina

Sekumpul Waterfall

Best to rent a scooter and explore on your own. Traffic isn’t as a bad as in Ubud and public transport will cost you much more.

Hot Springs

Get a massage in Seminyak

I’ve had many massages so far but none comes even close to the one from this lady on the picture in Seminyak. It’s a super small tent by the pool at Puri Cendana Resort Bali and there are only two masseuse but oh my those women work wonders. I highly recommend to visit them. They are often booked out, so make an appointment for the next day when you arrive!

At night you’ll see sunsets like this! My absolute favorite spot in all Bali when the day ends.

Enjoy some down time in Canggu

This place in west Bali s super laid-back. Learn how to surf, grab good food, do yoga classes, hit the markets and simply enjoy the sunny side of life.

Love Anchor Market
Canggu Market (local market)

For the ink addicts there’s a special treat in Canggu. Tacco Tattoo Tuesday at Deus. The name already gives it away – iy you buy a Tacco on a Tuesday you get a free Tattoo

Another thing to do near Canggu is visiting Tanah Lot for sunset. It’s quite packed but still a nice sunset and cool temple.

Hire a driver to take you to some temples

That’s a good activity when you’re in Ubud as it’s the middle of the island. Find a group and book a driver from the street for the whole day. Then tell him to take you to the best temples. He will also have some information on the places for you – win win.

Gunung Kawi
Ubud Water Palace
Pura Tirta Empul Tmple

Enjoy Bali 🙂

How to make & spend money for traveling during college

Being a student is great. You’ve got a lot of free time and not many responsibilities but also you’re nearly always broke and as we all know: Traveling is an investment, an investment you won’t regret but still at a dear price.

Emily from The Wild Destination and I travel quite a lot during college and we want to help you all to do the same. Besides this post here, we explain more on how we make time for traveling while studying on Emily’s blog.

by The Wild Destination

Hi, I’m Emily from The Wild Destination, I’m currently studying for my Master’s degree in Conservation biology but always seem to find myself wandering off to new places! Keep up with my travels on social media: [Below]

Now this is the hard one because like everything, travel costs money but there are definitely a few ways to get to see what you want without spending huge amounts of money. It’s difficult being a full-time student without an income but as many people say, this is the best time in your life to see the world and experience other cultures. Why not check out a few of my tips and see if you can get saving for your next big adventure.

Firstly, a part-time job is pretty much key to give you the extra income for a few adventures, even if it’s just 10 hours a week on minimum wage you can always put money aside and often cafes and bars can be flexible with people taking on extra shifts. I try and visit countries in their low season where hotel prices will be much cheaper even if the weather may be a little dodgy (Thailand in June!).

I try and make things affordable so cut the costs at every opportunity, like we always shop at the cheaper supermarkets and try to buy in bulk where possible. Cutting down your weekly outgoings always means more money for travelling so my boyfriend and I compromise by only go out for dinner or dates once a month and all the extra money goes into the travel fund! Even if it’s something small it all adds up, so just don’t have a coffee everyday and put £2 a day away, in a month you’ll have £60 which will soon be enough for a little adventure.

Hope you enjoyed our tips for making money for travelling and hope to see you next time on the blog.

Emily xx

Photo by The Wild Destination

Find Emily on Facebook, Instagram or at check out her blog. It’s worth checking out 🙂

by Yellowtravelbird

If you ask me, it just depends on two things: How much you want it to happen and how you choose to deal with your money both at home and on your travels.

Working as a waitress and as a babysitter helps me to save up money. Sometimes I also do promotion jobs like handing out flyer on the street. I work as much as possible but not too much to loose track of college.

And even though my parents never funded my travels, they kindly give me the 200€ child benefits they get from the government every month since they don’t have any expenses for me anymore. That money pays for my rent and groceries. So everything I earn, goes straight to my adventure funds.

Of course you have to make some compromises when it comes to activities or shopping but cooking at home with friends and a DVD night is also fun and much cheaper than eating dinner out or going to the movies. When you’re at a shopping mall, ask yourself if you really need that shirt and imagine what you could do with the same money in southeast Asia. Buy your clothes and decor while you travel. You can make good deals in some countries and you get the most unique items. Plus, the dress you bought in Bali makes a great memory and will always put a smile on your face.

I hope these tips help some of you to manage your adventure funds 🙂

Happy wandering!

How I missed my flight in Bali

You know you’re screwed when you find yourself sitting at the aiport floor surrounded by all your belongings, departure is only one hour away and you realize that your passport is the only thing that is NOT with you! The next four hours were the most stressful ones in a really long time..

Good thing I knew exactly where my passport must have been when I was at Denpasar airport in Bali. The problem was it would take more than an hour to go get it and go back to the airport in time. The optimistic in me tried anyways!

Leaving the airport building, I wanted to get a reasonable price for the cab ride but of course the cab driver wanted to rip me off. An Australian looking guy overheared me explaining my situation in a panicing voice, so he stepped up and handed me 200k Indonesian Rupiahs. I started to cry because I was so touched by that reaction, thanks again to the nice stranger saving my ass!

I got in the cab, still crying, but soon realiyed this wasn’t going fast enough with the trafic jam. The driver recommended a scooter taxi. I think at this point he felt sorry for me since I was still crying, just couldn’t stop. I got on the back of the scooter and we drove off en route to the hostel we stayed a week ago where I had to leave my passport at the reception. We must have fogotten to pick it up at check out and they didn’t mention it!

My driver was, much to my dislike very laid-back and not in a rush at all. Instead he thought it would be nice to tell me something about the sights while passing by. At that point I didn’t know wheter to laugh or cry, needless to explain that I was pretty desperate and overwhelmed.

As we got to the hostel, I ran in and the guy took his sweet time looking through the passports to find mine. I was literally jumping up and down at his desk trying to hurry up the process. When he finally handed over the right one, I ran off and tried to explain the scooter driver that we only have 20 minutes left until departure. He started a discussion about his knowlegde of the city and that he didn’t need the maps this time. “Fine. Just hurry up, please!!!”, I thought.

Traffic was horrible. I watched the minutes running down on my cell and at 6:05 PM, departure for my flight, I knew that my intention to make this flight had been ridiculous all along. I looked up at the sky and tried to relax because it was too late now anyways. A few minutes later I saw my plane in the air, leaving without me.

After arriving at the airport, I had a new mission: I needed to get another ticket, cheap and fast. If I would have known what a hassle this was going to be, I probably would have had a shot of vodka first!

The woman at the information desk sent me through the entire airport to buy a new ticket at the counter where I could purchase a ticket to Shanghai for 300€. I had a connecting flight sitting there plus my friend that already had taken our original flight awaiting me in China. This was still much cheaper than the route to Germany so obviously I wanted to get it right away. The only thing I still needed to do was transfering the money from my bank account to my pre-paid credit card that I use for traveling.

Now of all days, the next thing had to happen on THAT day! The website of my bank had broken down and the online banking wasn’t working for that matter. I couldn’t even reach their 24/7 hotline. I mean, for real?!

I didn’t know any other way but call my dad for help which I hated to do since I usually take care of everything in my life alone. But at that point I just was clueless of what to do next. He didn’t answer his phone – great.

With tears filling my eyes I called my big brother. He didn’t answer either. Instead he sent a text asking what was going on. I simply replied ‘I’m in trouble’. Enough to get him on the phone immediately. He did everything to calm me down and gave me his best friends credit card info (my brother doesn’t own one) so I could pay that flight and getting out of my mysery.

The woman at the counter apologized but she could only do the booking with a credit card that I had on me, she needed to swipe it.
Of course every possibile thing had to go the wrong way..I mean have you every had one of those days where everything, really EVERYTHING goes wrong?

My brother, being my hero in that situation, calmed me down and tried to book the flight online. That didn’t work either because as it turns out, you can only book flights online when departure is more than 4 hours away.

The very last option was getting money on my credit card, no matter how but as fast as possible because I only had 10 minutes left to book my flight before the counter closed the tickets for that route. So my brother said he would transfer money through paypal and in the meantime I tried one last time to transfer it from my own account through online banking and thank god, the website of my bank worked and I was finally able to make the transaction and buy the ticket just in time to rush to my gate and board!

When I sat down in my seat, I was so relieved. All the stress from the past hours was blown away. Well..the free wine on board helped, too 😀

Touched down in Shanghai, my friend gave me a ‘welcome back’ hug and we enjoyed a freezingly cold but beautiful day in China before heading back to the airport to check in for the final flight from our 6 weeks of traveling when I had to face the next issue, but that is another story for another day..

What was your biggest travel disaster? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Shanghai’s skyline

Liebster Award – discover new blogs!

My first Award. I got nominated for the German Liebster Award by Laura und Patrick on tour. Thank you very much for that!

The Liebster Award is a never ending nomination transfer from bloggers while it links new blogs to each other in terms of an interview. Now, I get to nominate a blog, too but first I have to answer the holy questions I got asked by Laura and Patrick.

Question 1: What was the reason for you to start a blog?
I wanted to create a place for all my pictures and stories and also motivate and inspire others to follow their passions.

Question 2: How much time do you invest in your blog each week?
It strongly depends on how time consuming college is and on my mood. When I travel I’m much more inspired and constantly type ideas for new posts in me smartphone.

Question 3: What was your favorite destionation so far and why?
Alaska!! The nature, the glaciers, the animals, the locals, do I need to say more? If so, check my blog post on the trip out below 🙂

Alaska: A Trip Of A Lifetime

Question 4: What was the worst?
There is not really any place I didn’t like. I appreciate every different country or city I got the chance to visit.

Question 5: What comes to mind first when you think of the word ‘Traveling’?

Question 6: Did you invest into advertising for your social media yet?
One time, I paid 3$ for a facebook ad but wasn’t convinced so I didn’t do it since. Maybe in the future, you never know.

Question 7: What passions do you follow besides that?
I absolutely looove arts and crafts and I try to hang out with my friends as much as possible. Lasertag, getting dinner, movie night, everything as long as it’s fun 🙂

Question 8: What would you do in one week with NO internet access?
Read all the books I didn’t have time to read so far.

Question 9: Do you like travel documenteries? If so, which ones?
I’ll watch one if I happen to stumble on one in the internet but I prefer travel blogs.

Question 10: What travel related books can you recommend?
For travel inso I love Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel list and 1000 places to see before you die by Patricia Schultz

I’m nominating Travellana, Stadt Land Cruise, Fräulein Reiselust and Lea Searching and these are your questions:

#1 Since when does your blog exist?
Seit wann gibt es deinen Blog schon?
#2 What is the main purpose of your blog?
      Was ist der Hauptgrund für deinen Blog?
#3 What camera do you use for your photos?
      Welche Kamera benutzt du für deine Bilder?
#4 Do you travel solo or with friends/family/partner?
       Reist du alleine oder mit Freunden, Familie oder Partner?
#5 What was your favorite place and why?
       Was war bis jetzt deine Lieblingsdestination und warum?
#6 What is your next adventure?
      Wohin führt dich dein nächstes Abenteuer?
#7 How do you prepare for a trip?
      Wie bereitest du dich auf eine Reise vor?
#8 What is your absolute dream destination?
      Was ist deine absolute Traumdestination?
#9 When did you discover your passion for traveling?
      Wann hast du das Reisen für dich entdeckt?
#10 What is the best thing about traveling?
      Was ist das Beste am Reisen in deinen Augen?
#11 How often do you travel?
      Wie oft reist du?

Enjoy answering the questions (in English or German) on your blog, nominate up to 11 other blogs and ask 11 holy questions 🙂

Shop Till You Drop In Bali

I’m usually all about saving money but while in Bali I coulnd’t help but shop some items. Good materials and jewelry are pretty cheap there so I simply had no choice ha! You can get a nice dress of Rayon for the same price as an average H&M dress of viscose.

Here and now I want to share my best finds with you guys and tell you where to find the best deals.

In the caption of the single pictures I’ll write down the city where I bought it, name of the shop and price.

Canggu – Love anchor market – 250k IDR

I saw this dress and fell in love! Already got a similar one with zucchini on it so the lemon pattern convinced me on first sight haha

Ubud – Ubud market but really anywhere – 170k IDR

My fabulous dream catcher. It sure was a hassle carrying that big thing in my hand for the last one and a half weeks of the trip but oh my, SO WORTH IT! Every time I go to bed and look up, it brings me joy.

Seminyak – some street shop – 40k IDR

Just a pair of really cool touristy fake sunglasses by ‘Ray Bandito’ 😉 I have a tendency of losing sunglasses so it’s best when I buy them cheap!

Ubud – some boutique (forgot the name) – 300k IDR

A nice little dress of rayon fabric in red and white pattern with ruffles on the bottom tuck. Unfortunately I cannot come up with the name of the boutique but there are so many in Ubud and Seminyak, it’s hard to keep track.

Ubud – YIN Jewelry for the soul – 150k IDR

This is, in my opinion, the best shop for jewelry. It’s a chain and they have three stores in Ubud. My ring was only 10€ and is 925 silver.

Ubud – Ubud market – both for 60k IDR

I was never much of a ring person but kinda got addicted in Bali. These however aren’t of silver.
Simple trick to make them last longer: Reply a layer of your top coat on the inside of the rings!

Seminyak – The Shang – 240k IDR

Felt like I wouldn’t find something like that back home in Germany for the same price so I bought it.

Seminyak – The Shang – 100k IDR

The bracelett is from the same store and matched really well with the shirt I bought plus it’s made of brass, so I’m hoping it will last long.

Canggu – Love anchor market from Natha Design Jewelry & Accessories – 230k IDR

One of my absolute faves is this necklace with a purplish fluoride stone!

Other boutiques chains I liked were ‘Piña Colada’, ‘Lost in Paradise’ and ‘Blink’ for jewelry.

You can find anything from sarongs to decoration for your home in Bali. I really liked Ubud for shopping. You have a large variety of souvenirs at Ubud market and many many boutiques with jewelry and nicer clothes and decorative items.

Happy shopping everyone!

2016 Travel Throwback

Ever since I lived in the USA for two years, I caught the travel bug and completely got addicted to that entire lifestyle. 2016 was incredible and I was lucky enough to have had some terrific adventures which I want to share with all of you!

January – March: Thailand

The year started off with a teaching gig in amazing Thailand (read more about this awesome job!). I got to spend a good amount of sunny days in all party of Thailand while it was winter in Germany. The best thing was that I got paid to travel to non touristy cities and areas of the country through my job.

Khao Yai
With some students in Pechaboon

Even better were the amazing people I met, both work colleagues and students. It was so insiring to meet all these kind and cheerful kids that treated you like a rockstar 🙂

my crazy and lovely work colleagues at AYC English Camp
Locals we met on a field trip, totally fell in love with that little girl!

April: Chicago

Honeycomb at Lincoln Park

After a great adventurous time in Thailand I found somewhat cheap flights to Chicago and just HAD to go see my friends and host family for a few weeks. I had a blast! I consider this my second home, first being the world itself hehe

June: The Netherlands

My friend Christina and I explored beautiful Holland for one week and visited Amsterdam, Zandvoort, The Hague and Rotterdam where met great people and enjoyed a good time in every place.

Christina and me enjoying th sunset from our hosts’ rooftop in The Hague

& Tarquinia, Italy

Another place, another job. The summer of 2016 I spent working as a kids tour guide in Italy and Spain.

July: Spain

Tough beach life!

5 awesome weeks that summer just playing games by the beach and dancing in the clubs – all paid for!
Read about my summer job as a party guide here 🙂

September: Belgium

Beautiful Brussels

After settling in at college I took a long weekend trip to Belgium and explored the beauty of Brussels, strolled through Ghent and met up with a friend in Bruges. The small size of the country and good train connection makes it so easy to hop from city to city in no time!

Most captured place in Bruges

After that trip I concentrated on a new chapter of my life, college. For the next four months I was having a routine with going to work and studying but of course this didn’t last long and I started on a new adventure through Asia in the beginning of 2017 🙂

I’ve got a feeling that this year will be even crazier with many fabulous trips and both new as well as familiar places – soooooo excited!

Hope you all follow along the journey and maybe I can inspire some to visit new destinations as well :*

15 ‘Drop Everything And Go’ Pictures: Washington D.C.

When is the best time to visit Washington D.C.?

I would say cherry blossom time anytime you ask me. It is easily the most touristy time but also the most beautiful one. Walking around Tidal Basin in center D.C. when everything is blooming in the prettiest pink is simply amazing. But see for yourself:

But not only the cherry trees are blooming wonderfully.

The center of Washington D.C., where all the magic happens, is also super walkable. Stroll along the impressive US Capitol Grounds and pick a couple museums to visit – they are ALL free of charge!

If you don’t feel like walking, get yourself a bike and explore further distances

And if you happen to visit on a Sunday, definitely head over to Meridian Hill Park better known as Malcolm X Park to watch the drum circle!! People from all over meet to play the drums and other instruments, some people dance to the beats. It is soooo much fund to watch.

Last but not least: Have a delicious burger at famous Ollie’s Trolley

I visited Washington D.C. in the second week of April back in 2015 and hit just the right time to see all the blossoms but be sure to check in advance when they’re supposed to bloom because they could be earlier. Whenever spring decides to set in.

Here comes a little taste of the drum circle:

Tasting The Most Expensive Coffee In The World

The Kopi Luwak Coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world but I believe it’s even more famous for its’ manufacturing. We’re talking about the ‘cat-poop-coffee’. Now this probably sounds off-putting for most people but the coffee is worth trying before you judge and I assure you it tastes pretty normal.

How is the coffee made?
The civet cat eats the coffee bean which is the pit of some cherry fruit. They just digest the flesh of the cherry and poop out the coffee bean which then is being washed several time.

The precious beans are being sun dried and hand sorted before they are roasted.

In most party of the world you would pay a small fortune for a cup, I sampled it for 50k Rupiah (3,50€). My friend bought an 80g pack of the beans for 100k Rupiah.

She poured in the water super carefully – it took quite a while to get my sample

I know it sounds disgusting but you should try it when you get the chance because after all it is the most expensive coffee and there are probably many people that would love to taste it.

In my opinion it tastes pretty normal and I couldn’t make out a big difference from regular coffee exept for it being really mild maybe.