Jobs I worked

NO, I’m not rich!
I’m working my way around the world

Working while you travel not only allows you to stay for a long period of time in one country while you explore but also gives you a chance to meet locals and work with them hand in hand on a daily basis. It’s my favorite type of traveling because it challenges me a lot and I get a very real picture of the culture and its people.
These are the Jobs I’ve worked abroad.


Au Pair in the USA

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Being an Au Pair is a very comfortable way to see another country. You’ve got the security of a base in the familys’ house and constant attachment figures that will ideally involve you into their free and quality time activities. Therefore this is, in my opinion, a great way if you’re away from home for the very first time!

Of course not every family understands the program, so select yours advisedly.

Turned out I had to learn that the hard way […]


English Camps in Thailand

This one probably requries a bit more of an explanation..
I guess teaching English abroad is a pretty well known job for native speakers. So we’re just going from here. English Camps is basically teaching English abroad but in a fun way. You won’t believe what they paid me for […]



Teamer Life in a party hotspot

though-life-at-the-beach-making-a-foul-out-of-yourself The summer of 2016 I spent working as a counsellor at summer camp in Spain, even though I’m not 100% sure whether working is the ideal description for what I did day in, day out […]