English Camps in Thailand

IMG_1634This one probably requries a bit more of an explanation..
I guess teaching English abroad is a pretty well known job for native speakers. So we’re just going from here. English Camps is basically teaching English abroad but in a fun way. You won’t believe for what they paid me!

But first, what are English Camps?
Camps lasting several days where the kids are taught English playfully with songs, games, projects and simple small talk. Therefore a team of English teachers and some Thai staff typically travels to a resort somewhere in Thailand to teach some English. All costs of accommodation and food are taken care of. Sounds good huh?!

It’s getting even better. The Camps always include activity time for the students which can be reflected in ziplining, paintball, pooltime, sightseeing or similar. Sometimes I was more excited about the activities than the kids : D

Everything is taking place in a playful environment and is supposed to be a lot of fun – and believe me: IT IS!

So basically you get paid for cool activities while staying at a nice resort and hanging out with some lovely Thai kids. I loved that job a lot because I got a real glimpse into the culture and the people in Thailand!