Teamer life in a party hotspot

The summer of 2016 I spent working as a counsellor at summer camp in Spain, even though I’m not 100% sure whether working is the ideal description for what I did day in, day out.

Basically you get paid to spend your time at the beach, by the pool or on neat day trips and activities while getting that nice beachy teint on your skin! Sounds pretty hard, doesn’t it?

Weekly day trips to Barcelona – WORK WORK WORK

So my week looked something like this:
I was offering two or three workshops for the kids (in this destination mostly 17 year olds), something like pimp your nails or pool olympics. Just anything that encourages everyone to have fun and have a great time. Then I had either beach or pool shift, where I just hang out with the kids and got my sunny look optimized.
And last but not least going out to party and drink every night – all paid for and never waiting in line of course.

Party time every night

Then I accompanied the kids to a few activities and day trips during their holiday, such as Paintball, Jetski, Catamaran or one of my faves: Partybeach.
You drove with a boat to a private beach with trampolins, banana boat and other fun things and had burgers and softdrinks all day.

Trampolins at the Partybeach

Beside those jobs I had during the week you could make a complete fool out of yourself and dance ridiculously on stage every night, and the kids would cherish and celebrate you for it.

Bottom line:
You don’t really see anything of the country at all but if you want a fun summer job where you get treated like a superstar, counsellor at summer camp might be the right option for you!